Upcoming features in 2023

Adjust interval for reminder email

You will be able to adjust if the update reminder email should be sent monthly, every other month, weekly or any other preference you might have.

Comment functionality per package

Ability to add a comment for a specific package in your project. This can be a useful way of reminding your future self why you couldn't update a package. An example would be if a newer PHP version is needed and you need more time to prepare for that.

Other features in the idea stage

Validation of Composer files

Functionality to validate your uploaded Composer files and recommend what to fix. Examples could be to check that the checksum is correct between composer.json and composer.lock. It could also be to suggest that you lock to a specific PHP version to avoid any diffs between your development and production environment.

Recommendation to update PHP version

By selecting your PHP version we can then recommend when we think it's time for you to update it. We can also notify you of any security vulnerabilities in the version you are using. The same could go for MySQL and other services.

Support for other package managers

Add support for NPM (JavaScript), Gradle (Java), Go Modules, Nuget (.NET), you name it. NPM would probably be next in line, but demand will determine.

Do you have some ideas of a feature we are missing? Please contact us.